EZ Bike Batteries are built with new-age technology and superior performance. It is the kind of modern battery that your Bike needs!


EZ Bike Batteries are built with new-age technology and superior performance. It is the kind of modern battery that your Bike needs!


CA CA Technology

With state of the art technology, EZ Bike Batteries are best for your Bike whether you use it for a long drive or on a regular basis.

CA CA Technology makes EZ Bike batteries maintenance free. It provides improved resistance to corrosion to the batteries. It uses lesser water and no excessive gassing happens. 


Flat Pasted Plate

With the usage of Flat Pasted Plate EZ Bike Batteries have higher car battery life.


Best Pro Rata Warranty

EZ Bike Battery comes with the best pro rata warranty in the industry that means higher return value under pro rata warranty.


Highest Warranty In The Industry

Isn’t it amazing to have 5 Years of warranty? EZ Bike Batteries have 5 years of warranty which is the highest warranty for Bike batteries in the industry.

Frequently Asked Question ​

Bikes have been a favourite mode of transportation for decades and have been a part of many people’s lives since childhood. But as our lifestyles become more and more demanding, it’s become increasingly difficult to find time for regular bike rides. bikes are powered by electric motors and batteries, and the battery is the most important component of bikes. The type of battery you choose for your bike will have a major impact on your riding experience, and the EZ battery is one of the best choices for electric bike riders. The EZ battery is a Calcium battery that is designed specifically for electric bikes.Calcium batteries are known for their long life and high energy density, making them ideal for e-bike applications. The EZ battery is also known for its lightweight design, which makes it easy to transport and install on your bike. With its lightweight design Additionally, EZ battery provides 60 months of warranty on the bike battery.

EZ Bike Batteries are made using a patented process that uses plate type tabular to bind the cells together. This process helps to ensure that the cells are tightly connected and remain stable during the charging and discharging process. Additionally, the materials used in EZ Bike Batteries to construct the cells are of high quality and are designed to withstand high temperatures and other environmental conditions. The second factor to consider is the performance of the battery. EZ Bike Batteries are designed to provide reliable power for a variety of applications. They are capable of providing sustained power for long periods of time, making them a great choice for powering devices that need to be used for extended periods. Additionally, EZ Bike Batteries can maintain their charge for extended periods of time, which is important for devices that need to stay powered for a long period of time.

When it comes to finding the best battery for a 125cc bike, there are a few factors to consider. The type of battery, the size, the amp-hour rating, and the brand all play a role in which battery is the best fit for your bike.

EZ Bike Batteries are one of the most popular and reliable batteries for 125cc bikes. It is a high-performance battery that is designed to last and provide reliable power for your ride.  By reviewing the needs of bike battery consumers EZ Battery has designed one of the most affordable options of bike battery for a 125cc bike. EZ Bike Batteries are calcium batteries, which is a type of rechargeable battery. It is also lightweight and has a long life span. EZ Bike Batteries are designed in such a way that are easy to install and have a simple plug-and-play design. This makes it easy to install in your 125cc bike. EZ Bike Batteries are reliable bike batteries and have been tested to perform well in a wide variety of conditions. The battery also has a good warranty, so you can be sure that it will last for many years. EZ Bike Battery is a great choice for a 125cc bike. It is lightweight, reliable, and easy to install. It is also a great value, as it provides a reliable source of power at a very affordable price. So if you’re looking for a reliable and affordable battery for your 125cc bike then EZ Bike battery is the best option for you.